Since I was a little child I always wanted to be an artist. My name is Morgana and I grew up in a craft workshop, surrounded by paintings, stencils, rags and projects. 25 years ago, my mother and aunts started a family craft business: Les Tres Germanes (The Three Sisters). They painted on various types of textiles, including silk. By the years, and my aunt Mònica and her husband continued the business, focusing the workshop on silk printing. Because of my interest in art and crafts, aunt Mònica taught me to paint when I was very young, and since then I have helped her.

So it's logical that I've always wanted to dedicate myself to the same thing as my aunt: the craft of silk painting. That's why I decided to focus my studies on art. After studying two higher grades, I was prepared to take over Les Tres Germanes (The Three Sisters) and create Morgana Seda.

Besides creating our own designs, we really like the world of art. That's why we have products where we represent our favourite works of art: Klimt, Hunderwasser, Modigliani, Van Gogh, Kahlo, Matisse, and others. Our products are made with all love, because we do what we love and we love what we do.